About Mobile Buyback

What is Mobile Buyback?

The Mobile Buyback program is a patent pending, revolutionary and FREE way to earn real money by purchasing used media (books, video games and DVDs) via this website on behalf of thousands of used media retailers nationwide.

How does the Mobile Buyback Program work?

In a few easy steps, a Mobile Buyback Agent (you) can price, purchase and even pay* sellers for their used media from any location in the country using this website. Each item is scanned and priced using the nation's most comprehensive and competitive buyback list, including real-time used pricing from local retailers in your area. After the seller has accepted the buyback pricing for their items, the transaction is completed and the seller either (a) receives payment after shipping in the items using our pre-paid shipping label or (b) receives payment instantly after providing the items to you directly*.

Agents earn impressive commissions on all items successfully received at our receiving center or drop off locations.

*Upon signup, Agents are placed in an "Honorary" status. Honorary Agents can price and complete a buyback transaction, but sellers are required to successfully ship in their items using our pre-paid shipping label, after which both the seller and the Honorary Agent get paid. Honorary Agents earn commissions on each item received at our receiving center in Lincoln, NE. The ability to pay sellers instantly requires Honorary Agents become "Certified." Certified Agents have the ability to pay sellers immediately for items using OUR funds, earning higher commissions per transaction. Certified Agents are required to collect and drop off all purchased items at the Mobile Buyback drop-off location within 48 hours of purchase in order to avoid chargebacks. Certification is extended only to high performing Honorary Agents located near one of our 300 Mobile Buyback drop-off locations. The certification process requires a valid credit card and successful background check. Learn more about the Certified Agent program by emailing Mobile Buyback Support at support@mobilebuyback.com.